4 Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality For Homes in The Woodlands More Comfortable

how to improve air quality

What is Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)? Air quality is the measure of the concentration of pollutants in the air. And surprisingly, the air quality inside homes is often worse than outside. The pollutants can come from various sources like paints, carpets, cleaning products, smoke, airborne pollutants, and more. The most common pollutants that affect indoor […]

Here’s Why Your Air Conditioner Is Leaking Water & What To Do About It

Leaking air conditioner unit

When your AC unit’s leaking, it can be an alarming sight. And depending on the amount of water, you may or may not have anything to worry about. Below we’ll explain what causes AC units to leak, how to find leaks, and what to do about them. What Causes Air Conditioners to Leak? Air conditioners […]